Bitumen Emulsion Cationic

Rapid Setting CRS-1, CRS-1H and CRS-2

Bitulink emulsion CRS 1 is a product manufactured out of bitumen dispersed into the water in form of fine globules(micro size) by means of an emulsifying agent. The later acts to decrease interfacial stress between the bitumen and water thus preventing their breakage during normal condition of storage. This type of emulsion carries positive charges and is very much suitable for negatively charged aggregates exclusively and abundantly available in our country. The positively charged emulsion after getting in touch with the negatively charged aggregates deposes bitumen particles on the aggregates while water gets evaporated. This emulsion with low viscosity and fast setting time is an ideal product for spray application. Bitulink Emulsion RS 1 is manufactured strictly as per IS: 8887:2018 and ASTM: D 2397.


1. It comes in liquid form
2. It is chocolate brown in colour.


• It is applied cold thus saving energy in place of firewood or fuel oils.
• No health hazards because of absolute pollution free, thus environmental friendly.
• Easy and uniform spray.
• High adhesive properties.
• Except heavy downpour, construction in wet weather possible.
• Low temperature curing, fast setting time.

Applications & Uses:

CRS 1 is ideally suited for tack coat application, single coat surface dressing. It is used for surface dressing (single/two coat). Can be applied on bituminous surface, aged bituminous surface, primed bituminous surfaces and non bituminous surfaces.

Requirements Specifications
Bitumen surface 2 to 2.5 Kg/ 10 Sq.m.
Aged bitumen surface 2.5 to 3 Kg/ 10 Sq.m.
Primed surface 2.5 to 3 Kg / 10 Sq.m.
Granular base (not primed) 3.5 to 4.0 Kg / 10Sq.m
Cement concrete pavement 3.0 to 3.5 Kg / 10Sq.m.

CRS2 is recommended for Surface Dressing treatment and the application rate as per MORTH is as below:

Quantity in kg / 10sqm area
Two coat surface dressing 28 to 32


CRS1 is available in
• Bulk
• RC Drums 200Kg
• MS Drums 200Kg
• HDPE Drums 200Kg



Tests on Emulsion min-max
Viscosity by SF, 50°C, in Seconds 20-200
Residue on 600 Mic IS Sieve (% by Mass) 0.05 max
Coagulation Of Emulsion at Low temp nil
Storage Stability, 24h, % max 2
Miscibility with water No Coagulation
Residue by Distillation/ Evaporation % 60 min
Particle Charge (+)VE
Tests on Residue 80-150
Penetration, 25°C, dmm 3 max
Solubility in TCE, % 98 min
Ductility, 27°C, cm 50 min

Standard as per IS : 8887 : 2018

Dos and Dont's

Precautions to be taken to ensure best results while using emulsion:



A medium Setting Emulsion is used for Premix carpeting, Pothole repairing, and tack coat. It can be used for road mixes with coarse aggregate for surface dressing and penetration macadam.


Slow Setting Grade Emulsion for application of Prime Coat. It consumes a long time to form continuous adhesion film without any stripping.

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