Bitulink Waymark

Road Marking Paints

Bitulink Waymark Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint is widely used in highway and street construction. White and yellow are the most common color used in thermoplastic marking projects. Bitulink Waymark is the leading thermoplastic road marking paint manufacturer in India. Both white and yellow thermoplastic road marking paints are renowned for strict quality control and competitive price. Paint in different standards and colors are also available to meet the different construction requirements.

Bitulink Waymark Road Marking Paints is formulated using high-quality derivatives which are impervious to the effects of petroleum products like oil, grease, diesel, etc. on the road surface. This unique property makes Bitulink Waymark more durable in highly dense traffic areas such as inner-city and urban roadways. Bitulink Waymark has excellent glass beads retention, good heat stability, and is suitable for all kinds of applications on asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) roads.


• Fast-drying.
• Highly durable.
• No interference to the traffic.
• Adjustable to customer requirements.
• Can be reflectorized with glass beads.
• Excellent adhesion to bitumen surfaces.

Available colors:

Yellow, White, Red, and Blue.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from any contamination, including dirt, oil, grease, moisture, and curing agents. It is recommended that a small trial is carried out before full application.

Solid Mark

A technique that forms a line on the road surface when molten thermoplastic material is poured through a dispensing shoe under gravity with a prescribed thickness and width.


• Heat retention capabilities • Better adhesion • Uniform thickness


• Edge lines • Center lines • Skip lines • Symbols • Crosswalks

Slim Line

Spray type application, Molten thermoplastic deposited on the road surface under pressure through a nozzle.


• Quick setting • Faster application • Good adhesion on overlay


• Advisory and mandatory markings on all categories of roads as a maintenance coating for touching up worn out traffic lines • Edge lines • Skip lines • Center lines • Skip lines

Ribbon Mark

Extrusion type applications, Molten thermoplastic material is laid on the surface of the road by a special pump.


• Sharp edges • Ease on all surfaces • Higher productivity


• New road construction • Edge lines • Center lines • Skip lines

Profile Mark

Shoulder lines.


• Wet night visibility • Audible lane delineation


• Transmits an audible and sensory warning when driven over • Improves night time visibility on wet roads due to raised ribs protruding above the water film



Rapid setting Emulsion uses include tack coat between binder and wearing courses, prime coats, surface dressing, slurry sealing, and micro surfacing.


A medium Setting Emulsion is used for Premix carpeting, Pothole repairing, and tack coat. It can be used for road mixes with coarse aggregate for surface dressing and penetration macadam.


Slow Setting Grade Emulsion for application of Prime Coat. It consumes a long time to form continuous adhesion film without any stripping.