Precautions to be taken to ensure best results while using emulsion:

Cationic Emulsion is very user friendly material. It helps in numerous ways viz. faster execution of work, economy, safety for workforce and environment protection. However, there are some precautions to be taken while using these materials, which are listed below:


• Roll Emulsion drum to and fro 5-6 times before use.
• Use Emulsion at temperatures above 5°C.
• We suggest donot mix water. But still, PH controlled water may be added to the emulsion if required, for better control on spraying and penetration. Entire quantity of this diluted emulsion must be used immediately.


• Emulsion should not be stored in open container/tank.
• Do not mix different type of Emulsion together.
• Do not fill loose earth in potholes before spraying Emulsion.
• Do not spray Emulsion on a dusty surface.
• Do not store Emulsion after mixing with water, use completely.