Bitumen Emulsion Cationic

Medium Setting CMS-1

Bitulink Emulsion CMS is specially designed water based bitumen emulsion with moderate viscosity and setting time. The medium range of setting time makes it an ideal product for premixing application & pathole repair. It is chocolate brown in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. Bitulink Emulsion Medium setting is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887:2018.


1. It comes in liquid form
2. It is chocolate brown in colour.


• No heating required.
• Cost efficient.
• Easy and uniform mixing.
• Low temperature curing.
• Minimum preparation time for surface repair.
• Medium setting time.
• High adhesive properties.
• Stable patch.
• Resistant to stripping by water.
• Environment friendly.
• Bonds well with cool, damp surfaces.

Applications & Uses:

Bitulink Emulsion CMS is ideally suited for:
• Pothole Repair/Patch work/ Profile correction.
• 20mm Pre-mix carpet.
Bitulink Premix Emulsion is ideal for premix carpeting, road patches, and repairs at almost any temperature. It gives you the option of blade laying or paver laying. It's very pliable, even when cold, while still maintaining high float characteristics. It can perform many of the same functions as hot mix asphalt while using a lower volume of product, making it a more efficient way to address pavement construction, repair, and maintenance.

Recommended Rate Of Application

Typical rate of application of Bitulink Emulsion MS for preparation of mix is 8-10% by weight of aggregates.

The application rate as per MORTH for Premix Carpet is as below:

Applications Quantity in kg / 10sqm area
Premix carpet 20-23 (kg/10sqm area)
Pothole repair 7% (weight of aggregate)


CRS1 is available in
• Bulk
• RC Drums 200Kg
• MS Drums 200Kg
• HDPE Drums 200Kg



Tests on Emulsion min-max
Viscosity by SF, 50°C, in Seconds 20-100
Residue on 600 Mic IS Sieve (% by Mass) 0.1 max
Coagulation Of Emulsion at Low temp Nil
Storage Stability 24h, % Max 2
Miscibility with water No Coagulation
Residue by Distillation/ Evaporation % 65 min
Particle Charge (+)VE
Tests on Residue
Penetration, 25°C, dmm 100-250
Solubility in TCE, % 97.5 min
Ductility, 25°C, cm 60 min
Dos and Dont's

Precautions to be taken to ensure best results while using emulsion:



Rapid setting Emulsion uses include tack coat between binder and wearing courses, prime coats, surface dressing, slurry sealing, and micro surfacing.


Slow Setting Grade Emulsion for application of Prime Coat. It consumes a long time to form continuous adhesion film without any stripping.

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