Bitumen Emulsion Cationic

Slow Setting CSS-1 and CSS-2

Bitulink Emulsion CSS 1 is specially designed oil based bitumen emulsion with low viscosity, extended setting time and stability with cement that makes it an ideal product for Prime Coat application. It is black in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. BITULINK Emulsion SS1 is manufactured strictly as per ASTM D 2397.


1. It comes in liquid form
2. It is chocolate brown in colour.


• Superior penetration into miniature pores of sub based.
• Low temperature curing allows the binder to penetrate into sub base.
• Enhances structural strength by strongly binding loose aggregates.
• Easy to apply and hassle free.
• Prevent Revealing and Rutting.
• Environment Friendly

Applications & Uses:

Bitulink Emulsion SS1 is ideally suited for Prime Coating on WMM/WBM surfaces and it has the ability to penetrate 8-10 mm deep into low porous WMM surface.

Bitulink Bitumen Emulsion CSS1 ASTM is designed for use in slurry seals and for cold storable mixtures for patching. They are designed for soil stabilisation and also suitable for use with cold recycling. These emulsions are tailor-made as per the quality of aggregates and local site conditions.

Applications Quantity in kg / 10sqm area
Fog Seal 5 to 10
Slurry Seal 12 to 15
Premix Seal Coat 2.5 to 3
Fog spray 5 to 10
Slurry seal 10 to 12
Premix seal coat 10 to 12


CRS1 is available in
• Bulk
• RC Drums 200Kg
• MS Drums 200Kg
• HDPE Drums 200Kg



Tests on Emulsion min-max
Viscosity by Saybolt Furol viscometer @25°C, Seconds 20-100
Residue on 600 Mic IS Sieve(% by Mass) 0.05 max
Coagulation Of Emulsion at Low temp Nil
Storage Stability after 24h, % Max 2
Miscibility with water No Coagulation
Residue by Distillation/ Evaporation % 57 min
Particle Charge (+)
Tests on Residue
Penetration,@ 25°C/100g/5Sec dmm 80-150
Solubility in Trichloroethylene, % 98 min
Ductility, 27°C, cm 50 min
Dos and Dont's

Precautions to be taken to ensure best results while using emulsion:



Rapid setting Emulsion uses include tack coat between binder and wearing courses, prime coats, surface dressing, slurry sealing, and micro surfacing.


A medium Setting Emulsion is used for Premix carpeting, Pothole repairing, and tack coat. It can be used for road mixes with coarse aggregate for surface dressing and penetration macadam.

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